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A-festival 2024

13-16. oktoober

october 12th-14th 2023

A-festival is an international festival of independent theatres and student theatres that started in 2012.

The purpose of A-festival is to convene foreign collectives from the edges of the theatrical world, professional and recreational, state-budget and project-based, text- and movement-based, narrative and compositional, psychological and formalist, and bring them together with the local theatre audience. Being part of the network of student theatres, our goal is also to popularise the activity of student theatres in Estonia and to introduce this culture more closely.

Puuris (USA)

CAGED is about a broken immigration system that treats migrants as criminals, rather than as human beings. The play focuses on the effects of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy that separated migrant families at the US-Mexico border and left thousands of Latin American immigrant children incarcerated in detention centers. In the play, three young girls struggle with what it means to make the journey to the United States and to be separated from their loved ones.

Duration: 1 hour

October 12th at 21:30
and October 13th at 15:00
Kalevi 24, Tartu

"Alamor" an original, touching and lively performance with dance and puppet, that tells about an extraordinary encounter. 

With the two protagonists and the puppet, we travel with tenderness in a dreamlike world, with joy and conflict, with dreams and humour. 

The music resonates with the visual approach of the show in an intimate dance of emotions

★ Non verbal

★ For everyone!

On stage: Despina Psymarnou jand Julie Querre
Director, choreographer: Jordi L. Vidal
Musical composition: Virginie Tasset
Puppet: Marie Ghislaine Losseau
Costume, props, set: Noelle Deckmyn

Duration: 1 hour

Puuris (USA)
October 13th at 19:00 Magasini 5, Tartu

A theatrical sketch without an end


The work was born in a difficult period for the whole world – in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the experience of two people who survived the quarantine period, in which prohibitions and their disregard, fear and faith, grievances and the need for creativity intertwine. 

Authors: Aidas Petryla, Vilius Kalasūnas, Raimondas Urbas, Oleg Kesminas

Director: Olegas Kesminas
On stage: Raimondas Urbas, Vilius Kalasūnas, Saulius Venclovas, Lina Sereičikaitė
Technical team: Lina Sereičikaitė
Scenographer: Rasa Kesminienė

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

Puuris (USA)
October 14th at 19:00 Kalevi 24, Tartu
Festival team

Kelly Kittus

Head of the festival

+372 53038295

Enor Niinemägi

Technical director

+372 56468812

Kudrun Vungi

Festival visual

+372 5208618

Jörgen Sinka


+372 56936191

Rutt Vare

Ticket sales

+372 53652327

Peeter Piiri

Assistant to the head of the festival

+372 53437333

Supporters and partners
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