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Tartu Student Theatre

More than 20 years of history

With breaks, there has been a performance studio at the University of Tartu since long ago. In their time, Mati Unt, Paul-Eerik Rummo and others were also in the university theatre circle. The current Tartu Student Theater has grown out of the Tartu University drama studio started by Timo Kikas in 1993. In the early years of the studio, Aare Laak, later Kikas himself, and Auli Auväärt in the last year, acted as a supervisor. Although the drama studio mainly focused on closed studio work, a few productions were also released, and one-time performances were held at student days and events.


Tartu Student Theater is a small theater created on the initiative of Kalev Kudu on October 1, 1999 based on the University of Tartu student drama studio, which is characterized by alternativeness and the lack of its own space, which has forced the group to find new and alternative venues. The theatre consists mainly of students who enter the troupe every year during admission, older members and alumni who perform on stage with young actors, as well as organize studio work.

Our mission is to bring new or undiscovered authors to the audience, using a unique theatrical language and novel venues. We want to offer students the opportunity to engage in theater art at a high level. As a student theater, we are an integrator of society, a shaper of thinking and worldviews.

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